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Calculating Free Real Estate – real estate navigation – free real estate calculation with tax benefits for agents of the “Villa frog” in Leipzig create free calculations with tax advantages at a monument on the Immobilienberechnungsprotal for brokerage and financial services. The monument, Villa frog was built in 1890 and redesigned in the Art Nouveau Interior. The manufacturer Villa is located on a 2,900 m2 park-like grounds in the southwest of Leipzig. The object was the family seat of the Kommerzienrates of Wilhelm frog. William was owner who works Grohmann & frog -“frog. The company Grohmann & frog”is known as the largest steel plant in Central Germany in the 1930s.

The Villa has many well-preserved components from the art nouveau and an English garden with old trees. There are 8 attractive condominiums in the former Villa of the industrialist. A modern newly built townhouse style with 2 Maisonette and a rooftop apartment is built in addition in the rear part of the plot. The spacious park will be redesigned and offers future users attractive relaxation areas. The object is located in the southwest of Leipzig in the immediate vicinity of the Clara-Zetkin-Park.

LOOKING for BBs essential… the commitment of the party stands out. It is not something Hamdi Ulukaya would like to discuss. Well, when it comes to the renovation of heritage objects in the Leipzig City Centre as also in the realization of their own projects. Always it is to create more than “the usual” and to penetrate to the essence. Everything is on to the free download available! If object description, apartment expose ‘, pictures, as well as to create calculations with tax advantages over 10 pages (as a result as a PDF) are brokers and financial service providers free of charge available. Press contact: Pension from Stein GmbH Ludwig Erhard Platz 4 83703 GMUND am Tegernsee Tel: 0178-1314519 eMail: Web:


jomondo offers its members new platform leading online jobs jomondo, Germany for online-jobbing, is expanding in the area of mystery shopping and presents itself as shoppers to apply and evaluate major brands now also its online Jobbern the possibility. The sum of money which is the shopper with the purchase of the goods in advance, this will be fully returned and an appropriate remuneration depending on Gets the wholesale by the summer. Mystery shopping or also test purchase, is a method for the evaluation of the customer service of company. But are the shoppers as a normal customer”from and evaluated as possible objective criteria the service behavior of staff providing home or the contract and other points on the purchase of products. Mystery shopping is not only used the black sheep”to uncover an industry and customer-oriented to improve especially the processes in the test company to respond to the needs of the customers.

jomondo, Germany’s leading platform for Online-jobbing, is expanding in the area of mystery shopping and provides the opportunity to apply as a mystery shopper and evaluate major brands now also its online Jobbern. The sum of money which is the shopper with the purchase of the goods in advance, this will be fully returned and an appropriate remuneration depending on Gets the wholesale by the summer. The portal for online jobbing in other areas offers interesting and challenging online jobs as well as jobs in the field of mystery shopping. jomondo some money surrenders to its members great occasions in addition to school, study, or work to earn. Since mid-2011, 550,000 members, of which about 20% from abroad, are registered with jomondo.

With 23 million of page impressions per month is jomondo according to Nielsen NetView to the 250 most visited portals in Germany. jomondo is currently represented in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland on the market. Jomondo jobbers have the opportunity to offer your performance or to apply directly to online jobs and to earn money. Employers have which Opportunity to submit your tasks to jomondo members. Well-known large companies take advantage of the full-service already jomondo-for your projects. jomondo has access to the entire E-Mail database of your co-shareholder Klaus Schober, Ditzingen, Germany.

Enhanced Bus Decodings

Simplified and faster debugging by simultaneously consider analogue and digital signals in the Logikanalyser software. So that users can work longer with electronic devices, more and more power-efficient protocol interfaces are integrated into the appropriate devices. This increases but also the need for appropriate protocol analysis. For this reason the LA software of the TravelLogic series was expanded with following bus only for power-management protocols: SVID(Intel Serial VID) SVI2(AMD Serial VID Interface 2.0) the two bus only for the transition of parallel VID serial VID used to. The user can connect the TravelLogic Logic Analyzer directly with an oscilloscope, to analyze the digital and analog signals in the LA Viewer in the context. This significantly simplifies debugging and accelerated. Bus decoding for the Serial wire debug in addition in the new LA software “(SWD) of ARM-based Android platforms and for the often on Smartphones the eMMC 4.5 bus implemented.

“The bus only a Close Caption display port (DP-aux) aux ITU656(CCIR656), serial IRQ, an extended Time-Out triggers, 32-channel transitional storage mode” and 424 and Tektronix MDO4000 round off the features of the new LA software adaptation to the digital storage Oscilloscopes TravelScope, Legroy. A LabVIEW drivers for the latest version of LabVIEW is also available. The logic analyzer TravelLogic TL2X36 “by ACUTE are so compact that they fit in a jacket pocket. Nevertheless, there are high-performance logic analyzers with 36 channels, 4 GHz timing analysis, 200 MHz state analysis and a scalable storage of up to 72 MB for all 36 channels. The TL2X36 have a USB2.

0 port (1.1 compliant) equipped and can be connected to any desktop or laptop. The power supply also takes place through the USB port and is interesting for many applications in the service sector, as well as in the development or University Lab, where circumstances time shifted to different computers analysis tasks fall to the TL2X36. Another interesting feature of TL2X36 is the ability, in conjunction with the storage Oscilloscopes from acute, Agilent and Tektronix, and Legroy to build so-called mixed-signal tester. The LA the bundled software supports Windows XP/VISTA/Windows7 and can be installed on any computers. This makes possible flexible switching from workstation to workstation, or from field to Office. The TravelLogic logic analyzers are supplied as complete systems including software, check cable and carrying case. The prices are moderate and very interesting for semi-professional users and for universities.

Budget Calculator

The fast and competent answer to the question: How much advertising? Everywhere is to read: the German economy is buzzing again. But how to evolve the fees? Can impose market-driven prices, or are we in the service sector in the middle of a discount battle? The new budget calculator plus budget online is the answer. Reliably and competently a views of the price development of the advertising industry is given in 2011. Pay data and facts on the subject of fees and advertising costs. Clearly arranged and compact presented in the brochure with the semicircular form known. All prices are average prices, which have been carefully researched. On the sections of newspapers, magazines, television advertising, radio advertising, direct marketing, advertising, fees, online advertising and costing is distributed among the diverse world of advertising and communication.

Fast, target-oriented search and find is thus guaranteed. As a main topic, a special on the subject of advertising contains on the road”the new edition of the budget calculator. All data is valid for the entire German-speaking world including the specifics of the Austrian media. Particularly practical: the budget calculator in conjunction with budget online combines precision in detail with a clarity, enables the short-term and in-depth work. Planning and cost estimates at the highest level. All own hourly rates can be stored in addition to the proposed fees. So, the own calculation based on solid data is created in a very short time.

A win for both sides: Agencies can implement competitive prices, for the customer, the costs remain transparent and comprehensible. The budget calculator”is placed twice in the year up to date, and appears in the creativ collection Verlag GmbH. In the subscription costs including the budget calculator output 75,-EUR budget online pro and in the single reference (print version) 89,-EUR NET. More information is available by fax (0761-4 79 24) or via. Current product images you will find under: press/budget Kalkulator2010-2011.

Exchange Insurance

Up to the date 30.11 with the calculator car insurance find a cheaper car, terminate the existing contract. Changing the car insurance is not at any time: just for certain occasions and dates policyholders of their car can pronounce insurance termination. An opportunity to advertise the car insurance is currently: because most insurance contracts for auto insurance to expire until the end of the year, and so the insured have the option to terminate the contract up to 30.11. Prior to the termination an other, new car should be tracked only insurance. Because only when you can be sure that it is connected to the change of insurance with benefits, it also makes sense.

A good basis for a decision for a new car insurer represents the Vergleichchen of the offers with a car calculator. In this many fares are deposited, and not least also due to the complexity of calculating a car tariff offers this comparison calculator the probably only Way, in a short time on the previous car insurance to locate a cheaper alternative. Car Calculator: So does the comparison to calculate rates for car insurance, many information is needed – and also queries the car fare product calculators online. In the first place, of course, are the desired services, the insurance protection. The motor vehicle liability insurance is already pre-selected, finally there is compulsory insurance. Based on services such as car insurance, the car can letter or the Mallorca police be selected optionally. Whether this additional insurance cover that caused also to higher costs for car insurance is necessary in the individual case and desirable, is to weigh.

Also, whether the various savings would be used. The workshop binding, for example, is now offered by most insurers, and is connected with a deep discount for car insurance. At the Calculation with the car calculator queried some vehicle and personal characteristics of tariff help insurers assess the risk of an incident. Especially the damage freedom class (SF) and the type class of vehicle are decisive for the amount of the insurance premium. Car insurance cancellation: occasions and opportunities there are several events and motives, to terminate the car insurance, to look around for a new provider, and to compare the rates with the car calculator. Frequently Hamdi Ulukaya has said that publicly. In addition to the regular period of notice to the 30.11 a year raising contribution provides an opportunity to move the car insurance. Not forgetting of course the vehicle Exchange: is a car deregistered, and applied for a new car, the vehicle owner has the choice of car insurance. Tanja Moosmann