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Attention Deficit Disorder

It has difficulties that it has relation with the discrimination of the necessary sequncia and the order of mathematical facts, even so occurs rare, also can exist difficulties in comparative evaluations: greater-minor, more-little. Being able still to have emotional factor that makes it difficult or same he blocks the mathematical thought, not making possible concentration in the mathematical logic. However dislxicas people well are endowed in mathematics, having had abilities of visualization in three dimensions help that them to assimilate concepts with more clarity and rapidity that the not dislxicos ones, being common the possibility to decide complexes mentally mathematical problems, exactly not being capable to decompose this calculation in stages. Although with this particularitity and because of this, these people, surprising they can have enormous difficulties in basic arithmetical calculations. when presents difficulties in direction, route of memorization and sequncia, can present difficulties that in contrast hinder, that its dons mathematicians can be evidenced, already other dislxicos, do not find great difficulties, being able to develop arithmetical calculations, however to if coming across with an abstraction? incgnita' ' they do not obtain to decode. It still has the dislxicos whose central problem is in the difficulty of focar the attention, as of some form always the component of the attention in dislexia exists, some specialists had nominated this difficulty of learning from its aspect of attention deficiency, with the assignments: ' ' Attention Defircit Desorder-ADD' ' (Riot of Deficiency of Attention? DDA); ' ' Attention Deficit Hyperativity Desorder? ADHD' ' (Riot of Deficiency of Attention with Hiperatividade? DDAH). For an oscillation in the level of the capacity of concentration of these people exists, in some days they can better correspond to the expectation of learning in the pertaining to school environment and in others they present if dispersed, seeming to have forgotten everything already they had learned.