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Uncompressed size (size in uncompressed form) Source the file size. Archiver software using algorithms compress data files several times. However, data compression may not only with the help of archives. Many multimedia files (video, music, graphics) already contain compressed data and are resistant to compression by re-archiving. In this case, the size of compressed files is almost identical to the uncompressed size. Unconnected (Disconnected) state of the device when it is disconnected from the network, the Internet, power supply, etc. Undelete (undo-delete) operation Standard Windows. When you work with many applications often have to make in these new data and delete old ones.

Some programs allow you to recover accidentally deleted data by using Undo the last action. If you delete a file or folder in Windows Explorer, you can use Undelete from the Edit menu or context menu. If you want to recover data that was deleted a long time – use the Recycle Bin, or a program for data recovery. Undelete utility (data-recovery program) System application. With the hard drive regularly remove unnecessary files and folders.

It is sometimes inadvertently destroyed, and the necessary information. To restore deleted files, use the Trash. But if the file has not been placed in the shopping cart, or already removed from it – will only be able to help special programs for recovering data on hard disk. These utilities are BadCopy Pro, Norton UnErase or Ontrack EasyRecovery. Recovering data from a 3.5-inch floppy drive and other removable media is almost impossible. Underline (underline) One way to format the text to highlight key words. Can be used as hints or reminders to perform any action. For example, in Word, with automatic spell-checking red wavy lines stand out spelling errors, and green – grammar. Undo (cancel) command is undo the last action made in While working with the application. The possibility of such a team has many applications, such as text and graphic editors. Often, to undo the last action is to use the key combination Ctrl + Z. Unicode character encoding standard that allows you to store all the alphabets of modern languages, numbers and special characters. Unicode is supported by different operating systems including Windows, and many applications such as web browsers and word processors. Therefore, developers can easily create programs and Web sites in different languages, using a single standard for this character encoding. At the same time people from different countries can Somestimost with Unicode software, without using any additional funds. Unidriver Universal driver (or raster driver) that allows the printer to print raster graphics without the aid of special tools. As part of Windows, there are several generic drivers, printers, designed for well-known manufacturers. Uninstall (Uninstall) The process of removing the installed (installed apparently) program, accompanied by a blurring of its working files and dynamic libraries, as well as the corresponding keys in the registry Windows. Uninstall any application is performed using the program, the uninstaller (Uninstaller). Uninstaller (The program, the uninstaller) 1. The utility, which is specifically designed to remove specific application. Program, the uninstaller installed with the application for the removal of which it is intended. As a rule, run the uninstaller any program installed in the system can, using the Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel (Uninstall). 2. The universal program that is designed to remove any installed applications. As a rule, with the help of such software, you can uninstall any application, with all its components, even when an error occurs in its own uninstaller. More information can be found here.


Basically, it’s the moment in which sales or total revenues of a company are equal the total costs of the same, generating a situation in which the company does not win or lose, but that over that point the company begins to win and lose if you step off of the same. To calculate the break-even point, it is necessary to decompose total costs in fixed total and total variables. Also, the volume of total income or monthly actually sold production, you must know the unit price of the product. These variables have the following composition: total fixed cost: composed of costs and fixed expenses: salaries of owner, general expenses, administrative expenses, other expenses. Monthly production volume: that is the volume of a single type of product sold per month. Unit price of the item: is the selling price to the public. Total Variable cost: Is the cost of materials + labor force corresponding to the current production level. Deduction of Formula of the point of balance leave, from the following premise: that the total revenue (It) they are exactly equal to the total costs (TC), presenting what was said in the form of equation of equality will be the following: It = Ct.Does (1) on the other hand, we know that total revenues are the result of the product of units produced and sold (XV) for the price of the product (PVU), representing this equation as follows: It = Xv? PVU.(2) In addition, the total cost (TC), is the sum of the total fixed cost (Cft) more TCO variable (Cvt), whose equation is represented in the following way: Ct = Cft + Cvt.(3) Note 1: The cost fixed Total (Cft) is a value that remains constant regardless of the level of production; that is, for example: If there is 10,000 units of a product in the month, or none, the total fixed cost will be exactly the same value.

Quit Smoking

Methods to quit smoking people suffering from addiction to tobacco, in general, are aware of the damage they are causing him to their own health and the of those around them. However, the Vice that generates the daily intake of nicotine seems to impose with greater emphasis to the need to take care of themselves and their loved. While there are multiple and very effective methods to stop smoking, the first step is the individual conviction, since every smoker is different and does not expect the same responses to the treatments in each individual. To convince the addict, a deep awareness that can be carried out both by a psychologist or psychiatrist professional the same family environment is ideal. Stop smoking with laser is known that treatment with application of laser is the best methods to quit smoking, but not everyone dare to submit to him due to misinformation about therapy and, in some cases, lack economic to cope with it. In response to the first of the disadvantages, it is essential to know that the speed and effectiveness with which acts the laser is incomparable with any other method, since with just one session, the patient already don’t want to smoke anymore. In terms of economic scarcity, it is interesting to make calculations about how much money is spent in buying cigarettes an addicted person in a month and how much will no longer spend all his life for a minimal investment. Other methods to quit smoking other existing methods, that with perseverance and longer effectiveness act positively, are chewing gum or nicotine patches, which operate by releasing small doses of this to calm the recipients and facilitate the process; acupuncture, which is an ancient Eastern technique trendy in recent times in the West; and hypnosis as therapy in the hands of a professional. Read about the 10 best methods of help to quit smoking