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Walter Meyer

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Anthology Europe

Where for few times the narrator already will go to trace the psychological aspects of the personages. Then the narrator goes to observe Spencer. In the truth the narrator not wise person what Spencer felt. The narrative if becomes ambiguous, therefore it does not have certainty of the facts. When counting the history of the story ' ' Quatros Encontros' ' , the narrative search to portray thematic of the contrast between America and the Europe. The main personage is the Spencer. Spencer symbolizes rude personage who deferred payment in the interior of America.

In the plot, the narrative search to speak of the Europe; Spencer for being a rustic personage, its bigger dream was to visit new countries, mainly the Europe. According to JAMES (1963, p.103, 108, 109), it tells of form convicto as the Europe was a dream of luxury for Spencer: (…) I she would be insane person if it was not for Europe and certainly it would go crazy if it was. (…) After all I took the freedom to observe that Havre was not accurately one place if to choose as ones of the aesthetic points of a trip for the Europe. It was a place of convivncia and nothing more; A transit place had to be fast. I recommended the Miss Spencer that was Paris, for the train of the afternoon and meanwhile it was lingered with the old visit. $fortaleza in the bit port-that one colorful circular structure, that brought the name of San Francisco (…). The narrator to the speech of the Europe and America, looks for to show of linear form the cultural knowledge.

E makes a game of words, when Spencer sees photographs. Therefore, in the story ' ' Four Encontros' ' it searchs to portray the part psychological of the personage. with this the reader initiates the interest for the reading. It is important to say that the narrator, also looks for to speak of the morality of the history that finishes prevailing in the story as form to show the society as it really is. BIBLIOGRAPHY ROSENFELD, Anatol. 1973. ' ' Reflections on the romance moderno.' ' In: Text/Context. So Paulo, Brasilia: Perspective, INL, (Debates, 7), P. 75-98. JAMES, Henry. ' ' Four Encontros' '. In: North American stories. Trad.: Vinicius de Moraes. Rio De Janeiro: Popular Universal library, 1963. (BUP, Anthology, vol.1), P. 98-128.