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Collective Negotiation

If one of the parts denounces the agreement before the lack in agreement to renew it will count on a maximum term of " 20 meses" in order to negotiate it. At the same time the one stays that the representatives of the workers can exert the right to strike whereas he negotiates. Greater protagonism of the company agreement. Thus, in agreement with the rough draft, the regulation of the conditions established in a company agreement will have priority on the sectorial one in the matter of " wage bases, in wage complements, extraordinary hours, specific repayment of the work to turn, schedule and distribution of the time of trabajo". Also the same as far as &quot will happen; planning annual of the vacations, professional classification, modalities of hiring and measures that favor the conciliation between the labor life and familiar". The joint commissions are reinforced. This organ, formed by the representatives of the workers and the industralist, acquires major protagonism at the time of interpreting conflicts on the agreement in rrido to the internal flexibility.

To its resolutions &quot occurs them the same; effectiveness jurdica" that to the agreement. Thus, in case of discord in the consultations on modification of the conditions of work, any of will be able to put under it to the parts the joint commission of the agreement, that will have a maximum term of seven days to pronounce itself. If the conflict were not solved either, then it would resort to the procedures of resolution of conflicts that settle down in the multi-industry agreements of the state and autonomic scope. To the case of the wages one pays attention that " inaplicacin" on the part of the industralist of the agreed thing (the denominated clause of offs-hook) it will entail the one that it determines with exactitude what is what the worker will receive. Creation of the Council of Labor Relations and Collective Negotiation. The document proposes the creation of this advice as consultative agency and advising, assigned to the Ministry of Work, tripartite and joint character. Mutual and absenteeism. In the document rrencia does not become some to which the unions and the employer’s association agreed on mutual and absenteeism before the 2 of June gave by defeats the negotiations to agree to they it reform. Source of the news: The Government affirms to be open to flexibility formulas that are " fruit of acuerdo"


Rattlesnake – PR – 17 the 19 of June of 2008 5,2 PROFILE OF SEARCHED the AGRICULTURISTS figure 03 detaches the etria band of the searched agriculturists. Amongst these, 23.08% are in the etria band of 26 the 35 years, 42.31% have age between 36 and 45 years and 15, % between 46 and 55. But 7.69% have less than 25 years and 11.54% have 56 years more than. Figure 03 – Etria band of the searched agriculturists Source: Elaborated for the authors (2008) In the analysis of figure 04 the degree of escolaridade of the searched agriculturists is observed. Being that, of the total of participants 52.38% they had not only concluded basic education and, 15.38% had concluded average education, demonstrating the low degree of escolaridade of the agriculturists.

Figure 04 – Escolaridade of the searched agriculturists Source: Elaborated for authors (2008) 7.69% 23.08% 42.31% 15.38% 11.54% Up to 25 years Of 26 the 35 years Of 36 the 45 years Of 46 the 55 years Above of 56 years 0.00% 26.92% 15.38% 19.23% 15.38% 7.69% 15.38% Illiterate 1 4 series of education fundamen – such incomplete 1 4 series of education fundamen – such complete 5 8 series of education fundamen – such incomplete 5 8 series of education fundamen – such complete average Education incomplete average Education complete Rattlesnake – PR – 17 the 19 of June of 2008 figure 05 presents the sizes of the properties of the agriculturists. Of the sample, 15.38% of the properties alqueires of total area has less than 2, 30.77% have between 2 and 5 alqueires. Others 30.77% have property with area between 5 and 10 alqueires. But, 15.38% between 10 and 20 alqueires and 7.69% have 20 size above of alqueires. Figure 05 – Size of the properties of the searched agriculturists Source: Elaborated for the authors (2008) In figure 06 it is verified familiar income monthly average of the searched agriculturists.

The Scale

Ambitious plans operate on a horizontal level and help provide that to stand on the floor. But you need to think in three dimensions, if you want rationally utilize all the kitchen space. Use the free space, located above the eyes, hung shelves and cupboards, or the space located below this level, consider how furniture sections, and Equipment will be placed under a window sill, sink, etc. To take any practical solutions, you have to do the calculation of heights, that is to portray the scale of the wall shown on the plan all important components – Windows, doors, arches, pipes and electrical wiring. Immediately think about how many electrical outlets you need and where they need to place, and put them on the plan. Further details can be found at Publishers Clearing House, an internet resource. Do not forget about safety: Do not place stove near the window, where from burners can flare up curtains and where you have to lean over the fire, for example, to unearth the window. Do not place the stove near the door, which opened, may touch the dishes. Wall shelves should not hang too low, so you will not bump her head on them.

The best place for hanging cabinets and shelves – on household tehnikoy.Elektricheskie wire in any case should not hang over the sink, or in any way come in contact with water. Sharp and angles of kitchen furniture can cause injuries, so buy furniture with rounded corners. Even if your stove or oven is made of the most modern insulating materials, do not place it near refrigerator. .