Yucatan Peninsula

Shelled leguminous plants need a shorter soaking and cooking. The soaking water with the dissolved nutrients and active ingredients should be used for cooking. To enhance the taste of the beans, add the cooking water at best an onion cut into small pieces. Salt, lemon or vinegar only add after cooking, since otherwise the soft will be delayed. The most important fruits for the Mexican cuisine are chili – chilli variety customer. For Mexicans but Chile doesn’t mean (as they are known) equal to Chile: each dish is made with a different type of Chili, even though all part of the Capsicum family.

There are infinitely many different types of Chili, all different in focus and flavor, also differ depending on the type of wine-growing area and ideal climate conditions. As a general rule: the smaller a-pod, the sharper. Cores are also very sharp and should be handled with care. Sensitive people should only chili peppers handle with rubber gloves, but otherwise applies: don’t accidentally touch when making the eyes or other mucous membranes. Fresh chilis Chile gueros it is pale yellow or pale green and smooth. The Turkish vegetable shops available elongated sweet peppers can be used as a substitute.

Chile habanero – a smaller, lantern-shaped, very hot Chile, which is very popular especially in the Yucatan Peninsula. Chile jalapeno – a greener sharp conical Chile, which is very popular due to its aromatic note. Usually, this variety with carrots and onion in vinegar is inserted. He is bigger, rounder and much milder than the Chile jalapeno Chile Poblano -. Chile Poblano is usually filled as Chile Relleno or with Rice eaten cut into strips as rajas. This is available as canned from Herdez. Stuffed Chile Poblanos are called in the TexMex cuisine “Poppers”. Instead of Poblano chilies the California Anaheim chiles used, the size and sharpness produced comparable are. Dried chili peppers Chile ancho – poblano, the dried version of Chile is about twelve inches long and has a dark, wrinkled skin. Added to a sauce, he easily completes the fine aroma. The sharpness of this species varies very, reason should deal very sparingly during the season. Chile Chipotle – in this Chile is the smoked Jalapeno Chile. He is very sharp and imparts a smoky, rustic flavour to the courts. Guajillo Chile – this sharp Chile is long and has a smooth skin. One uses it soaked or grated to flavor sauces and meat dishes… Read more on

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