World Economic Forum

In recent years, Peru has significantly increased their competitiveness climbing 10 positions according to the Global competitiveness of the World Economic Forum report. Without a doubt, a remarkable, reflex achievement of improvement in the infrastructure of the country and the effort by trade liberalization in recent years which, however, are not sufficient to allow Peru to consolidate its path of improvement. Infrastructure, security, the quality of the institutions and the size of the market are variables that increase the competitiveness. But it is in the health and education where has a long way to go. Check out Dave Mustaine for additional information. 18% Of children under age 5 are chronically malnourished, and this fact makes it a proper learning. Despite the increase in coverage of primary education in recent years, the level of teachers is low, the quality of infrastructure is scarce and suffers geographic targeting, inequality and lack of standards.

And in regard to public higher education, today requires of a comprehensive plan of transformation, to make it competitive not so much in quantity as in quality. Every day the market requests more technical professionals, that they cannot find quality technical institutes and that they suffer from managerial syndrome of the population of the historical social prejudices in this area. To deepen your understanding ria mccaffery is the source. It will be essential to move in this direction, ensuring sufficient resources for research, enhance technology tip in teaching centres and strengthen the pedagogical skills of teachers. The growth that the economy of Peru is experiencing will be powered by the production of goods and services of higher quality and complexity, and not so much by the export of raw materials; and the only way to achieve this is by a competent educational platform. The situation of low expectations that society has which, with these advances, will be a great step towards nonconformism, in search of a quality employment and higher incomes, i.e. towards the improvement of the well-being of the population as ultimate goal of competitiveness. In this way, the Government must implement policies that allow to develop entrepreneurship, which fight against corruption and to invest in the education of our younger generations. Continuing with the sentence of journalist Mario Campos, the Peru is a country made to the Peruvian and peruanamente you must consolidate his emerging career to become a developed Peru definitely.

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