Install gas boiler model with open combustion chamber requires more resources. When installing the water heater with a closed chamber cost less to own unit would cost 1.5 times bolshe.Iz due to lower gas prices on cost advantage on the side is a gas water heater. But at the same time, the cost boiler operating on gas, as well as the cost of installation, several times more than electric. For the most part, the cost is the reason for the popularity of larger water heater. Fuel tank storage tank water heater vodonagrevateleyObem desirable to count, so that hot water is quite enough for all needs, it is possible even with a small margin. On the other hand, too large water heater and cost will be expensive, and greatly increase the payment for electricity (or gas). This is largely dependent on the number of people on what needs and how often consumed hot water. I do not want to give any definite formula for calculating the amount of tank water heater, because in each case, all individually.

But here's the overall picture can outline in this way. Per person is recommended to select boiler size of 50-80 gallons of water. If two people or three, the volume requirements would have naturally higher, and this is from 80 to 150 liters. For a family of four is to look more capacious water heater from 120 up to 200 litrov.Moschnost vodonagrevatelyVremya water heating boiler will largely depend on the capacity of the heating element.

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