Resignation only when you’re under the ground. I proverb still no agreement on the age of the universe, however, love inquire about it, because it is something that concerns us, while we tread on Wikipedia gives us, the age of the universe, according to the Big Bang theory, is the elapsed time from the Big Bang to the present. The consensus of contemporary scientists is about 13.600.000.000 years (thirteen thousand six hundred million the age of the universe can be determined by measuring the Hubble constant today and extrapolating back in time with the observed values of density parameters (O).) Do before the discovery of dark energy, it was believed that the universe was dominant in the area and thus or in this graph corresponds with? m. Add to your understanding with Western Union. Note that the acceleration of the expansion of the universe was the age longer, while the Big Crunch of the universe was the shortest age. Is added, the problem of determining the age of the universe is closer to the problem of determining the values of the cosmological parameters.

Today is this widely exceeded in the context of the model?CDM, where it is assumed that the universe contains normal (baryonic) matter, cold dark matter, radiation (protons and neutrinos) and a cosmological constant. The fractional contribution of each current energy of the universe density is given by the density parameters? m? r and?. The full model?CDM is described by other parameters, but for the purpose of the calculation of the age of the universe, these three, together with the constant Hubble H0 are the most important an eminent Swedish physicist Hannes Alfven smell, he argued that the universe had not beginning, nor end, because the latest astronomical observations divirtuaban the huge initial explosion theory. I do not consider science but myth orgy wanting to explain the Cosmos as a simple formula highlights Tal Alfven is true in this case, rather than the biblical story of creation, or the supplied by Hindus or Aristotle idea that the universe has been created, or is destructible.

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