Understanding Brokers

I’ve talked to many Realtor in Miami on the way they develop in this race for property sales and noticed that there are two types of Realtors. Those who sell properties that do not exceed $ 400,000 and only sell to the wealthy. What’s the Difference?. Every Realtor has the ability to sell any property of any value if it proposes and makes a plan to reach customers exquisite, “Big Buyers.” Let me prove it in a nutshell … as a Realtor is showing more crazy day 7 properties of $ 300,000, the other is calm in his office, at cocktail parties, special meetings to report what was currently being built or just looking for properties of these values in the MLS. Now tell me one thing dear colleague, you can earn the same if you sell 10 300 000 properties to sell another one in 3 million. Right?. But how long (Time = Money) do you take? If the other only a couple of weeks to close this sale? My advice is that you decide focus on selling such properties and do not waste much time looking 300mil sales, for if it continues, will never enter play with the big leagues.

Learn to identify the customer who can pay more money and focus to monitoring and advising him personally, because it found that contact over the Internet or through the newspaper and has already qualified as a large buyer, do not let it go. Research in MLS all there and guide it into those properties. Attend more meetings, cocktails and conferences .. use the best dress you have and send professionals to make business card to generate such trust. Begin to identify these events to such purchasers, analyze your shoes, your watch, your costume and detail that you confirm that you are a buyer of big leagues. One last tip: once you make your first big sale, mark your calendar, have a close relationship with that customer every month, as I am sure in the next six months, this customer will recommend a couple of millionaire friends … do not forget that every millionaire, the more likely is that their friends are.

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