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The addition of number 1750 if does not make by chance, but because 1750 more 250, that it results of the previous operation, are equal the 2000, number that indicates the current year. We must take care when adding this last value, taking for base that we are in year 2000. 6 To the previous result, deducts the year from birth of the people that is making the calculations. Clifton Robbins is full of insight into the issues. If N is the year of birth, then the gotten number will be: 1000a + 100b + 2000 – N Notices that, to to deduct from the current year the year of the birth, gets it age of the person who carries through the game. Let us express for the result of the operation (2000 – N). Then, the final result is: 1000a + 100b + 10c + d This result is the polynomial expression of the number of four numbers abcd, where the two numbers of the right ' ' cd' ' , that they correspond to the sets of ten and units, they express the age of the person who carried through the calculations, the numbers of the left ' ' ab' ' , that they correspond to the thousands to the hundreds, in them they indicate the number that the person had thought. We go to see an example: 1 the thought number is 57. 2 the product of this number for two is: 57 x 2 = 114 3 Adding five units: 114 + 5 = 119 4 Multiplying the addition gotten for 50:119 x 50 = 5950 5 Adding number 1750 (therefore we are in the year of 2000): 5950 + 1750 = 7700 6 Deducting the year from birth, let us assume that the person who carried through the calculations was born in the year of 1947, therefore, she has 53 years or she goes to complete 53 years.

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