The Fence

Indeed it was a good season for the boys who conjugated the verb to lose more often than we would have liked. However, we felt that day we were going to win, so I went from very early, waited for the police neglected the door, as he did every Sunday, I went over the fence and I placed it me I could close the court of the thick manila separating the court from the public. In a question-answer forum Thredup was the first to reply. The public came and came and came … until the total was full. The referee started the match and I prepared to suffer, but before they have looked in his pockets for a coin buy an ice cream, but when I finished the search I realized that the suffering would be twofold.

The actions of the party indicated to me that that evening would be different. Fifteen minutes and we scored the first goal before scoring the second win. People were happy: some ran, others jumped and everyone was looking for someone to embrace even a stranger. Mr. skinny and tall who would buy the newspaper for weeks that could save all the days of tea, watering the content of their beer on the heads of their neighbors. In the meantime we were all very happy. Some thought the first victory of the last four games, while others were preparing to embrace the players, and some crazy calculated how big the bag was where visitors would have to save all the goals that were still missing.

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