The Conclusion

hours; 3.Se, between two successive readings to observe one 5% of it stress maximum equivalent stress total of the period of training, this stress will be considered stabilized, proceeding themselves, then, a new shipment and happening again the operations until the conclusion of the test. Os results of the load tests will be presented graphically, through a curve load-stress, where they will at the beginning appear the done comments and in the end of each period of training, with indication, also, of the passed times. Anexos to the graph will be supplied the following elements: 1.Indicao of the sounding punctures; 2.Caractersticas of the hollowing equipment, when it will have; 3.Caractersticas and general data of the tested props: localization in the land, type, dimensions, quota of arrasamento, volume of the prop, Fck of the concrete, armor, date of the execution, height of the coroamento block, etc.; 4.Descrio sucinta of the devices of load, measure and gauging of the manometers; bonanza 5.Ocorrncias during the test: disturbances of the load devices and measure, modifications in the surface of the contiguous land to the prop, alterations eventual in the fixed points of reference, etc.; 6.Confirmao of the viability of the length reaching for the props, by means of calculation with the proper formula job to each type of ground (the calculation demonstrative will have to be presented); RELATRIO FINAL: A report with the following information will have to be elaborated: real 1.Comprimento, below of the arrasamento, all the props; 2.Caractersticas of the hollowing equipment; 3.Desvios of location; 4.Qualidade of the used materials; 5.Consumo of the materials for prop and comparison, stretch the stretch, of the real consumption in relation to the theoretician; 6.Anormalidade of execution; rigorous 7.Anotao of the beginning schedules and end of hollowing; rigorous 8.Anotao of the beginning schedules and end of each stage of Concretagem; They will have to be presented, also, the referring graphs and information to the load tests. .

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