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Company Description

3. Stage of development of the Company and the choices of software (SW) 3.1. firm – Trading (including the sale of services) 3.2. firm – Manufacturing 3.3. firm – Narrow.

(Insurance activities advertising agency, etc.) 4. A brief comparison of the platform 7.7. and 8.0. 5. Conditions necessary modernization of existing software 6. Economic feasibility of implementing an information system 1. Company Description The first thing we recommend that you start – is to formalize (to register) – the following parameters: Given the structure of the company.

1.1. Activity (trade, production, etc.) 1.2. List of units of the Company be automated. 1.3. Availability of remote workers places outside the lan. 1.4. The list of tasks to be automated 1.5. Number of jobs and amount of documentation 2. Scope (fiscal and / or management accounts) 3. Each staff skills, or in combination all of the above mentioned issues are crucial and, depending on your answers, the decision will be one or another software product. In principle, these issues are already quite enough to form The original request for software developers 1C. Not particularly penetrating, independently of the details, not wasting time on subtraction and comparison on the market programs. Proposals from companies and on their basis, meet – to discuss and determine the best variant for you. If you decide to start with, yet alone deal with this task, the next step, we briefly (that would have an idea), consider on the market, to date, software products based on 1C: Enterprise 7.7.

Traffic Inspector Pros

Many users are faced with the problem of choosing software for a proxy – a server on the Internet quite a lot of programs on the subject. In this article we will examine one of the most popular programs – Traffic Inspector company Smart-Soft. Consider the basic advantage of this program over others: – a proxy server with integrated caching. It is worth noting that the program accurately calculates the traffic along with other programs. Crowne plaza rosemont is likely to increase your knowledge. A huge number of settings, in my opinion, makes the program just perfect.

Caching saves bandwidth by 10-25% (depending on the type of downloadable content) by the caching of files (especially pictures). – Built-in firewall – simple but effective. – smtp services allow you to turn on smtp gateway (with check for viruses!). As there is a built-in rbl smtp filter that checks the sender address through public rbl service. – Built-in antivirus Panda Gate Antivirus can check as http content and archives, the more antivirus can scan messages passing through the smtp gateway – a very useful billing system, enables us to provide Internet access, while accounting can sustain the in megabytes, and in time (for example, can be done value of the Internet for 1,5 usd / mb. Or 20 rubles per hour). There are very few options, such as speed limits, limiting tcp sessions, ntlm authentication, bw, ab. Fees, etc. Built-in Web server allows customers to view their stats in both time and resources. If you install Billing Operator, then customers will be able to change the tariffs, and will also be available in a card payment system.