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On the importance, function of the archetypes, has written abundantly, taking into consideration that this represents, as its scope in our personality, conduct. Wikipedia reminds us, that Plato, the most faithful disciple of Socrates, believes such that: Science consists of the universal and aims to do this through abstraction. For the founder of idealism: the greater certainty lies in greater abstraction. To exercise this distinguishes two worlds: of sensitive things, bordering with the not to be, and that of the intelligible, which is same real thing itself, type, the idea or the copy, which reproduce the sensitive things for their participation of the ideas. More info: george harrison. But this world of ideas requires a hierarchy according to Plato; This fixed by the dialectic, serves as a basis for all classification and establishing clarity and order in how to deal with the issues. As effect of the formalist and logical abstraction, this thesis will eventually give rise to the notion that ideas, more empty or more abstract, are considered superior and are placed at the apex of the classifications. The abstraction becomes scale to ascend to heaven and is volatilized reality, reaching estimate that an idea is closer to the truth, the more far lies the facts. This interpretation, made explicit for the first time by Christian Wolff, who estimated that metaphysics would be science as possible, achieves his result, with inflexible, in the dialectical Hegelian rigor, which claims to be the more abstract idea is nothing. To read more click here: Kyle Kuzma.

Already the word?, eidos, from which our idea reveals the symbolism, because it expresses the opposite to the individual and even separate the species. To establish the hierarchy of the intelligible world, imagination is depicted, (always outside of reality), prototype or archetype, (the first idea among others of equal order), of each species. It is, therefore, says Janet, which all archetype is always abstraction. The truth, which discover archetypes is a personal experience.