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And how have you felt that the death of David Sanchez Juliao. ?The truth is that not affect me for nothing. Such for me wasn’t even writer. That answer in the mouth of an apprentice’s narrator, professional in the Sciences of language, University Professor and candidate for master’s degree in literature from the Caribbean, I was greatly troubled. Teri Anulewicz may also support this cause. If someone who not only microbiologically theme would have expressed her and the character, but even you not interested, wouldn’t have any importance until were expected.

While the country, and especially the personalities of culture from inside recognize the great loss which is the death of David Sanchez Juliao, many of the intellectual scene of the Department of Cordoba are expressed with indifference about this great character. And they can’t do it, but from the lack of knowledge of his work written and recorded, and his work as a lecturer. If I had the opportunity to comment that young that I can even accept him to not consider David a great writer, but say that it isn’t even writer cannot even accept that not considers it writer, but that is no obstacle to recognize his great contribution cultural and sociological, Titanic and quixotic work, against all odds, both inside and outside the country for more than 30 years, as anyone, so the world valued the Caribbean culture as it is, so the coastal accept us, we reaffirm and feel proud to be as we are; for that we recognize the worth of his prodigious voice, his unique talent with orality, his keenness for humor, his pedagogical work in classrooms, in their conferences and workshops, in their recordings, in their interviews, in his appearances in the media. Because every word David Sanchez distilled love for the costenidad, you inoculaba reasons for the reaffirmation of our culture. And that is nowadays easy to do among us, where with that topic are harvested applause by the simple fact that we are identified with what is being said. But David did more than anything else in the interior of the country, in cachacolandia, where many are they felt offended by his exaltation of the costenidad.