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Helena Aramendia

Hence we are going to the hairdresser. Intending to spend the afternoon: we call a friend, we tested us evening dresses, working clothes, and coats, but we do not buy us anything. In conclusion, clearly define our intention before taking action, helps us to obtain results more in line with what we want. What what focus our attention is what we find. If any have curiosity on why or how this is given process, the (Simplified) reason is the following: as we talked about in the past, are energy living in a sea of energy and constant interaction with her. In this level, contrary to what happens with electronics, peers are attracted. Feelings (the intention is a feeling) are energy fields real and tangible, capable of producing effects in the physical world, so that when we do something with intention, we are putting an immense additional engine to what we do.

That engine resonates with what is similar in the universe (which is the sea of energy in which we find ourselves) and resonance, meets with what has similar energy. Same happens with mercury from a broken thermometer. Do not you happened never? The tiny beads of liquid metal tend to get together, as if they recognise each other. Because this is the same, but energy level. We can also imagine that it is as if we had a large magnet and we were attracting the metal parts of a gigantic pit that contains various elements selectively and without effort. Without the magnet, it would be much more difficult to find and collect them.

The power of intention is like the power of the magnet. To put our intention in what we do, amplified the power to attract the result that most interests us, just that is most important to us. I hope that you it paseis very well exploring this concept. Practical is a fun, and will only take you a few seconds. Before do or decide something, simply be clear what your intention in this regard. I already know the difference it makes in your life. Helena Aramendia. Total or partial reproduction permitted provided that the author and the source are mentioned. Original author and source of the article.