Solar Calculator

Knowing the path of the Sun is an information required to be able to decide on how to orient solar collectors, or in what position projected local need of natural lighting, taking into account to prevent the Sun’s rays penetrate inside and increase the thermal load, altering the balance of power and comfort, which subsequently require expensive solutions, usually with more power consumption. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Warren Kanders. These skills are first-rate when looking for solutions. To inform our visitors and customers, he has been constructed a simple calculator, based on the engine of Office Excel and that offers us a timely solution. This solution has been published recently. The procedure for your design and implementation of the results, is explained in the instruction manual TrayectoriSolar-Instructivo.pdf entitled, showing the procedure to construct the Solar chart, employed formulations and how to trace the path of the Sun in any locality, known the latitude, longitude and setting the time of day in you want to determine the position of the Sun relative to the town. This information is completed with the trajectory Solar calculator Spreadsheet tool. This informative set is designed for those who are interested in a solution of calculation covering all hours of the solar day.

For that reaches everyone, offered for a minimal fee. Instructions, presents the basic knowledge to do the job, the equations used, discusses the steps to follow and how to build the Solar chart. Complements this information with a simplified version of the processor Excel, available for free online. You can freely access the simplified version of the processor, from our home page, where there is a link titled TrayectoriSolar-Calculator in the calculation tools session, which is located in the right column. Can also access the calculator from our main menu, by activating the link calculadores_energeticos and in the new page that opens, by activating the link path Solar.

Instructions, presents the basic knowledge to do the job, the equations used, discusses the steps to follow and how to build the Solar chart. What information gets this calculator? For a time known and registered in the form, entering the day, the hour, the minute, shows the solar hour angle, the value of the elevation of the Sun and the value of the ang. Azimuth. For the solar day, the correction factor of the time, the time of sunrise and sunset the Sun and the sunny hours. Structure of the calculator and tip. The calculator is divided into two zones. Registration data, light grey background and output information processing, from light blue background. How to enter the information? In the column data, in the area of gray background, are rows with the primary information that is needed. Record the data in the defined format. The required data are 8, the locality, latitude, length, the timezone, the year, month, day and time. To register the primary information, differentiated cells with background clear have been designed and letters in red. Reports where the calculator results? The output information is reported in areas of blue background. Typical information of the day, the hours registered as data are reported in the first box in blue. What data are those who serve me to represent the path of the Sun on the plot diagram?. Each Azimut-hora pair, represent a point on the diagram.

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