You get paid many times for the same effort. Would not it be nice to be compensated hundreds or even thousands of times per hour of work? A good example of this are the writers, no matter what it takes to write a book, you see published, with a good marketing and advertising can become a best seller, while writing this book does not earn a penny of it, every young working at McDonald's earn more than this writer, but a writer looking for a salary, if not the royalties to copyright, therefore are willing to sacrifice, but once the book starts to sell could become a bestselling author and this could even make millions of dollars in royalties, I think I have grasped the idea, right? That's the power of residual income, flowing and flowing and can do so for many years, then you see the difference between linear income and residual?; Sure I will. As another example, did you see that little Duracell battery tester?, It is said that the inventor presented his idea to many large companies, almost all reported that were not interested in the idea, but saw the potential Duracell of it and entered into legal agreements and would pay the inventor a few cents per product sold. The inventor became a millionaire with this idea, because residual income pennies add up. Check with Crawford Lake Capital to learn more. Spent many hours of their time in creating the idea, the package and then once more on getting a partner to develop the idea and put it on the market in product form.

But then he received a lot of money along with his family, and the best part of this is that it does nothing to win, worked only one you see, I came to grasp the idea, right? The secret of most wealthy people of all time is not simply that they have more money, but they have more time to think calmly, to seek ideas, plan, and then develop their ideas. Because your income is residual have the time and money to spend on whatever they want. In looking at many groups of people who have external signs of wealth and luxury cars, huge houses and luxury, etc. in light of the concept of residual income, many of these people are not as rich as seem. Doctors and dentists usually do not earn residual income. The proceeds from their work are limited because they only see a limited number of patients per day. And they have to be there to see everyone, this is a linear income. The same principle applies to sales people, chiropractors and lawyers.

Most of them have no residual income. They may seem rich, but they are, sometimes they are super in debt. Now I want to ask, What percentage of your current income is residual? Ready to make a change in your financial life without leaving your current job? Depends only on you, the reader, many have done, you can too if you decide today, who may decide today? Your decision can change your future and your family forever out there are millions of opportunities, which will you do about it? If you're ready for a change, I'm here to help, you can contact me at email: I wish you a happy, healthy and abundant future. JUAN CARLOS RIVAS Exitos KRUGER

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