Responsive Homepage For Elf Metal

Elf metal launching Smartphone and Tablet optimized website matching wedding ring is nowadays often mobile wanted. On the road or comfortably at home on the couch is surfed via Smartphone or tablet in the Internet. So must the engagement rings and wedding rings on mobile devices are best represented and mobile visitors abandon any functions the manufacturer of unique wedding, Elf metal, customized his site on the display for mobile devices. Now, all site visitors by Elf metal can choose the favorite wedding rings also through mobile devices. 360 Wedding ring model videos, the different models can be admired and lit from all sides.

Another highlight is the wedding calculator, where the price for the wedding rings in respect to the personal needs and desires will be charged. Customers have already eagerly waited for the release. Increasingly, customers have addressed us. Now, we can finally announce that the relaunch is complete. Mobile wedding rings browsing nothing stands in the way. “, explains Markus King, creator of Elf metal, happy.

His wife and with inventor Lucy added: we wanted to not just only mobile map our existing website. The wedding ring model videos, wedding rings-calculator and the mobile route planner are there additional gimmicks. Finally, the search of own wedding rings should be fun. “Elf metal: unique wedding rings with own essences with the invention of the patented unique metal Elf metal GmbH has found a way to create personalized wedding rings and jewellery.” The Swiss invention is dubbed by insiders of the industry as a brilliant Countertrend to the global mode of the unit. Each wedding ring is forged from own essences of the couple. The wedding couple puts together own materials, who would like to wear it forever in their wedding and thus to. For example, love letters, strands of hair, photos, parts of garments or other materials, and much more are possible. Almost no limits are the imagination. The own essences are in the Studio in Zurich in Handmade fused with pure titanium, which creates the new unique metal. As a result, the wedding rings are forged. The result is the idea from the desire of Lucy and Markus King to have yourself very special and particularly personal wedding bands. Because they were not found, they created simply itself, personalized wedding rings with the knowledge of Markus as doktoriertem geologists.

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