Personal Power

As our reality changes, we get new results! Do you realize the power difference between the position in which you leave the first statement and the other? If certain aspects inherent in our Being such as: being female or male, to have so many years, the name of the country in which we live, the mother that we had, and so on. we can not change (the facticity of life), I am convinced that there are things in “our be being” that we can improve, change, mutate, replace … and here lies your . To understand a little better, I’ll give you an example … A reader wrote me the other day says that she has trouble relating to their work and personal life because she is shy (she “observes” the problem of this form assumes that that is shy and can not change, because “it’s” his way of being).

Here we have various “beliefs” or “interpretations” ready to dismantle. Are those thoughts become automatic after the first trial that she believes as if it were true and correct. Why you need to dismantle these judgments / beliefs / interpretations? Why this action lies in the opportunity for change and improvement, as well as powerful is this case. I’ll show below an example of the same case on the basis of the statement “I am shy …” I am shy. Since I’m shy, I can not attend meetings of my work or creating successful working relationships, so do not get the recognition they need.

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