Outdoor Advertising

The present city can not afford to provide without the shining points of promotional designs. Billboards and banners of all colors consistently register in the urban landscape. At dusk, around flashing illuminated signs – traditional symbols of the city. Yet, the aesthetic here is the result not the main thing. At its core boards and light boxes deeply utilitarian and perform a specific task – increase in sales of goods and services. Very recent a lot, so the ad platform is extremely raznookaliberny. The experience that has an advertising agency MediMapa shows that for various companies, characterized by its own specific advertising.

Large corporations prefer outdoor advertising format in the best of significant places. Small size of the store is enough to book outdoor advertising signs in the form of attractive advertising poster or set. Promotional designs are classified by type of installation. They can be stationary or portable. Under steady-state mean billboards (billboards), light boxes, prizmavizhny, cabinets and others. In the category of portable media include pillars, small light stelae, and even plastic bags are still exotic media such as sandwich-Men. News Outdoor Advertising permanently inform us about the pioneering work in this area. If the outside advertising placed on free-standing structure, despite a significant price, it will provide a greater return.

It is grouped into two key types – light and shields. Media such as banners and added to the original subgroup. Of detached structures are most numerous boards of standard size 3×6 m. It is safe to say that in all countries it billboards – the most common outdoor advertising Outdoor advertising / Outdoor.

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