National Park

They drifted into waters infested by sharks, they were suffering from dehydration and infection. Certain death freed from the torment of others survived, but it's easier if their fate? Who will survive? Set 2: 'Lost in the snow' / 'Lost in the Snow' (Season 1, Episode 2) U.S. Army sergeant, his wife and their five-month baby in a hurry to the funeral, but the way they do not noticed a pointer to the city and instead went into closed for the winter National Park. Desperately trying to stay alive, they limits of human endurance. Without food, without water, they resist the icy wilderness. Not freeze to death – the only one of the problems facing them 3 series: "Salvation in the Amazon jungle '/' Escape from the Amazon '(Season 1, Episode 3) Walk in the woods – it's not something that the campaign in the Amazon jungle.

Three friends decided to explore the Amazon jungle in search of adventure, but over time gets worse and worse, and their guide are unpredictable. When the group split into two parts, one of them occurs with the dangers that lurk around every corner, and on the other never heard. Search for ways to salvation are the last battle for survival, the struggle for life takes away all the power. Who will survive, and how? 4 series: 'Gone with the element' / 'Swept away' (season 1, series 4) When two best friends go to sailing kayak, then be calculated for at least a great adventure.

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