Modern Dictionary

As can be seen, for all currencies Ukrainian banks to set interest rates at a level which is usually below the level of inflation. Gold standard – a form of organization of monetary and exchange relations between the countries based on the use of gold as a basic commodity, by which is determined and compared value, the value of different currencies existed before 1930 ("Modern Dictionary of Economics"). In an economy built on the basis of the gold standard, ensures that each issued currency may, at demand to exchange the corresponding amount of gold. (As opposed to Areva). In the calculations, between states, using the gold standard set fixed exchange rates based on the ratio of currency to a unit mass of gold. Proponents of the gold standard indicate that its use makes the economy more stable, less prone to inflation, as under the gold standard the government can not print money as they discretion, not backed by gold.

However, the lack of means of payment is the decline in production due to a liquidity crisis. Contradictory and complex trends are developing in the use of gold in the international monetary system. "The falling dollar" leads the world economy to a standstill. Gold objectively can not be the basis of the modern monetary system. But can this system satisfactorily exist without gold – is not proven. There is little doubt that the further evolution of the system will be somehow linked to gold. For centuries, gold served as the world's money, but over time, turnover has increased to such an extent that ensure that it is the world's reserves of this metal is impossible.

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