Millionaire Mind

Rhonda Byrne's book entitled "The Secret" has been a sales success and introduced the law of attraction. Under this law, to "attract" large sums of money just by wishful thinking. But wanting wealth is only the beginning of this journey. You need three things: desire the prosperity, know how to achieve and act. Although it may sound strange, very few people want to be rich. I say that everybody wants to be rich.

And here lies the difference. Wanting is not desired. Often people who say they want to be rich only hope the "lucky" touch. For example buy lottery with the hope that they touch the winning number. They want it but it just looked so passive. The first step is desire. Want something mean in an active yearn.

All thoughts and actions of the person are intended to acquire the object of his desire. As a person in love does not rest until it reaches the company of his beloved. Almost obsessed with the object of his desire, the person focuses all its efforts towards your goal. Not depends on luck, but builds his own fortune. The second step is to know it. Here also the majority of people, mistakenly, believe that to be rich have to work hard, commit fraud and dishonesty. So many people avoid this objective because they want to be disloyal to their views and beliefs. Therefore, cross out the rich and dishonest and unfair. Being rich is not equivalent to overwork or deceiving others.

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