Mechanical support, which supports the telescope, called the mount. In nature, there are many systems montirovok. For fans of them there are three types: the azimuth, equatorial system and Dobson. Each type of mount has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example Azimuthal stands simple and suitable for children, and in particular for telescopes refractor.

Equatorial Mount – adjustable latitude observations and allows direct the telescope at celestial objects in the coordinates. Such mount is indispensable for accurate astronomical observations, searching for comets, distant objects. This system is perfect for astrophotography – photographing objects and the sky. System Dobson – very simple, but not suitable for observing faint objects. Such a system often is used for large reflectors, thus saving on the set of the telescope with mount. Accessories for the telescope as needed.

Do not think you can do without eyepieces, Barlow lens (allows for greater magnification). As convenient to use the electric motors, filters, prisms, etc. The increase in question is often asked: "What maximizing this telescope? "Many newcomers somehow believe that the main parameter of the telescope is increased, but it is not so! Others believe that buying a cheap telescope, placing increased 500 times and Input a word can be considered distant galaxies. This is not so! For each telescope has its limits, which you can calculate by yourself: you need to do aperture (lens diameter) in millimeters multiplied by 1.4 – this is will increase with an acceptable image quality. You can also use a large increase, but here you need to look each telescope separately.

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