Mathematical Errors

I have wanted darte to know through this article, the most common errors that exercises commit many students of the mathematics when solving, you very consider in order that them, not to fall in the same situation. This it was a study realised in all the Latin American countries, which denotes the lack of mathematical bases that have many students when entering the university. Many of these subjects are including of the first years of secondary. The common errors but are: 1) They do not know to correctly apply the law of the signs. Example: To calculate the value of the following expression: (- 2) – 1 (- 2) – 1 = the correct answer is: 0 (zero) The error that is committed, is that there is a total confusion as far as the application of the rule of the signs, lamentably this type of error is committed even between college students who have not had a good mathematical base.

(Incredible, but it happens). Where they commit the error? (- 2) – 1 (- 2) – 1 the minus sign anticipating to the parenthesis, before 2 (two), means that it must make a multiplication between signs: (-) * (-) =+ (less by less he is equal to more). Being affected (- 2) two (2) positive. Lamentably many students, omit the sign that anticipates to (- 2), simply because do not know the correct application of the law of the signs that says: (+) * (+) =+ (+) * (-) = – (-) * (+) = – (-) * (-) =+ If you think that you have this deficiency, you do not waste time and takes brings back to consciousness of it, I assure to you that in hours of review and study it will be sufficient to surpass this disadvantage. 2) They do not know to apply the general law to solve quadratic equations. To calculate the value of the following expression: X – 4x+3=0 This is a quadratic equation. The common error that it is committed is sometimes that it is not known to apply formulates general and much less to factorar.(If you present/display this deficiency you must review formulates general for the quadratic equation) 3) Ignorance of the particularitities of I number zero: They do not realize that some operations do not estan defined, or being defined they arrive a incorrect results like the following: 5/0=0 (This is incorrect, since the division between zero is indefinite). 5/0=5 (incredible, but it happens).

(This is incorrect, since the division between zero is indefinite). 0/5=5 (we know that to the correct answer he is zero). 4) Problems with the Resolution of fractional. Although it is an elementary subject, in university errors in the sum are even committed, remains, multiplication and division of fractional. 5) Problems to solve the cases of factorizacin. This it is a considered subject as it bases for the mathematical ones, since constantly this being even applied after sight.

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