Mater Materia

The founders of scientific material use a sense of Mater Materia, as defined as the science of the late nineteenth and early s. XX, has now become obsolete, the new definition is based on gravitational interactions, Nuclear electromagnetic and where the spirit is not material is adhered by binding to these interactions to act within their own time-space of this and is the basis for understanding the human being as a unified whole (Body and Spirit) where use logical consistency as a criterion of certainty to explain the spiritual reality (principle of contradiction "). B. A materialist dogma has been argued that the universe is eternal, which has always existed, it evolves, but never disappear, the material sciences (nuclear physics, thermodynamics, plasma physics and general relativity) have proved that the universe was created in ancient times (last 18 billion years) that its mass and density have been calculated and its future evolution is determined by its current state (Hubble, Wheeler, Gamow, Einstein) and the creation (from nothing created the universe) means a Creator. C. The collapse of socialism supposedly materialistic million people have turned to Christianity and thus appear chapels, shrines, churches filled with faithful (not just old and sparrows, as Marx said), processions of the Virgin Mary, even in the very Red Square in Moscow, Hanoi, Saigon, etc. D.

Christianity is a religion revealed by God, not an ideology invented by the men in those that arise, grow and die, is the winner of all time. And do not forget that practice is the sole criterion of truth. Current Situation destroyed the socialist illusion with all good intention behind it was an ideological vacuum in the current social struggles which have been reduced to want to change a president for other congressmen by others, to ask for salary increase (which is fine) but without historical perspective despite the structural crisis that plagues society and despite the crisis even more existential we suffer, which in the end the man is not the real reason for its existence as evidenced V.

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