Managing Director Rolf

Compare the letter print & dispatch costs and cost savings with the new Porto & letter cost comparison calculator of the letter-online portal can be quickly and easily the costs during a mail merge & compare dispatch and represent the significant Einsparpotential. Have you ever calculated to how much a business letter actually is? Clearly, the postage for a standard letter (maximum 3 pages in DIN long format) amounted to 0.55. But what will cost you in addition: transport/business paper (material and printing costs), envelope, your company printer ink/toner as well as maintenance and wear, time material purchasing/procurement (paper, envelopes, Ink/toner etc), falling to work time for folding, envelope, postage and the post office or mail box. Quickly accumulate all real costs to actual price of 1.00 and more per letter. The opposite which is all inclusive \”solution of the letter-online portal for letter printing and shipping with a final price of\” 0.55 per letter (1 page b/w printing + VAT) for: paper envelope, printing, folding, inserting, franking and postage for delivery. This is a savings of over 45% compared with the conventional letter printing and sand. With the new Porto & letter cost comparison calculator of the letter-online portal, you can quickly and easily compare the cost of letter print & dispatch and represent considerable savings potential. \”( background information: the Briefonlineportal, short BoP\” called, is offered for any correspondence: invoices, reminders, small direct mailings, etc.

The highlight of this portal solution: At the check-post many processing steps can be saved. No printing, folding, inserting postage and delivery on. From the PC directly into the mail box of the recipient, as reliable, as if you had carried him to the mailbox\”, emphasizes Managing Director Rolf-Dieter van Alst. The product ranges of the standard letter up to the Maxi letter, depending on the customer’s request is black and white or colored, one of double-sided printed or put on also a remittance.

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