Level Fibonacci

1.6020: Previous level of support/resistance. 1.5919: Minimum of the 22 of December. Resistance: 1.6228: Part superior of the supposed triangle. 1.6309: Level of resistance at hour level. 1.6376: Level of resistance at hour level. Dollar Yen the line of tendency the truth that carefully deserves to be analyzed, since the pair found its level of support in this line of tendency.

Later the even dollar-yen reached the zone of the 89,12, and broke the level of resistance of the 89,69, and reached successfully the objective proposed in the 90.30. This zone will be the key point of resistance in the short term. The key points in the zone of support are now in the 89,98, and if the pair falls below this zone the 89.05 could testear. The resistance level is in the 90,71 and if the even bankruptcy this zone will follow a bullish correction and the 91,44 could be testear in the first place and soon the 91.98. Support: 89.98: Level Fibonacci 61,8%. 89.05: Line of bearish tendency. 88.30: Minimum of the 14 of December. Resistance: 90.71: Line of bearish tendency.

91.44: Level Fibonacci 50%. 91.98: Level Fibonacci 61,8%. Analysis by: Forexpros.es with the participation of Munther. Exoneration of responsibility: The operating one of futures, options and currencies entails significant an associate risk and perhaps he is not advisable for all type of investor. He would have to analyze carefully if before his particular situation you count on the knowledge, the experience and the resources necessary to operate in these markets. Perhaps he loses all the inverted capital or that their losses surpass to the bottoms deposited initially. The advice, opinions and recommendations are subjects to changes constantly. Greetings, Equipment of Forexpros.es original Author and source of the article

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