Latin America

After the second world war, gave way to another international conflict: the cold war, which was a dispute that pitted After 1945 to United States and its allies, on one side, and the Group of Nations led by the Union of socialist Soviet Republics (USSR), the other 7. There was a military conflict live between two superpowers, but arose intense economic and diplomatic struggles. This pugilato was called how cold that produced no direct military confrontation, which were killed, missing, torture, massacres, but in reality if he had them. This conflict did not affect the powers of that time, since the field of battle, soldiers, the deaths, the spoils of war, poverty, etc., occurred in Latin America, as you can see below. In Latin America, during the years 1936-1945, he lived under the influence of the global progressive thinking. The antifascist struggles in Europe spurred the fight against the oppressive forces of the West.

Wake you of democratic consciousness and patriotic joined the factor to the objective factor of strengthening of national entrepreneurs, new layers of middle and working class. They began to be born military revolutions led by the middle classes, as happened in Argentina, the year 1943. That same year, the Bolivarian Gualberto Villaroel coup against thread miner and landowner, was another act oriented toward social change and the liberation of Bolivia’s control of foreign consortiums; in Guatemala under the leadership of Juan Jose Arevalo, reformist measures adopted, and it drew up plans to liberate the country from the domination of the United Fruit Company, as well as to strengthen the position of the people against the oligarchy. And so there were numerous cases of leftist movements in this region, but so far United States had not made any action for the stabilization of the status quo for the time being, since it was dedicated to World War II. At the end of this conflict, returned to explode the antagonism between the capitalist and socialist system with the so-called cold war.

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