An excellent measure to prevent this type of damage is to include enough textual material to ensure that your name is indexed with the word "problem" for example, with several phrases in the style "Model ABC1, to enjoy without problems." Along the lines of classic SEO, make sure that keywords are in the title and the h1 tags page. The reality is that once the review is done, can not be erased. But what I can do is "push", ie getting a pass from page to inside pages. To achieve this, it is first necessary to identify the keywords that go with these pages listed. For example, "my brand" + "complaints from users." And then we will work unceasingly to publish material that includes these two terms, but in a favorable context, "" My brand "has not registered" user complaints "since the product was released." The worst that can be made to the negative criticism is to respond with silence, because this attitude is the worst policy in terms of public relations. Specific actions you can take are as follows: Increase the relevant text content that will help counteract the negative entries. Strengthen their presence on social networks If the charge is a significant dispersion, issue a press release Do not escalate the problem, the otherwise. The first thing necessary to a critical social networks, for example, is to steer the conversation to the individual level.

Respond by private message, and if possible, start an exchange by email or telephone with the client dissatisfied. If your company really did something wrong, ask forgiveness without hesitation. And if you did too. It is better to lose a sale, and even a customer, to have a massive flight of consumers to competition. And if you think something could not happen, users have changed their passive attitude of the past, horse social networks and online community. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source

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