Job Vacancy Advertisement

Some time ago, came across an advertisement for a job at the developer position Vkontakte. Is there a section entitled 'Who we are not interested' and the last paragraph in it it says: 'If you believe that for successful programmer will need a special testers and quality managers, we live in different worlds. " This I can say, piqued over the spleen. Are we – the testers do not need anyone else? Or just Vkontakte work Dao-programmers? I decided to browse the Internet for bugs that were found previously on the site. However, all sites as one, duplicated and only describes some vulnerabilities in java script, which, if and when something has occurred, then to the present day certainly darned. I decided to choose some other method. A la disorderly Clicking on sTsylkam and expectations errors (so imagine the work of testers most people =) or as it would be better to say – ad hoc usability testing. Skimmed through the list of positions of employees vkontakte not hard to see that the lion's share goes to the forces of coding, and guess usability goes to the order of magnitude less attention, which is an excellent breeding ground for bagovodstva.

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