Invoice Light

For a time the public administrations have decided to save everything what they can especially in all the aparatados but in the power one. More concretely, they want to reduce the invoice of the light. We consider that it is a good idea and that also the individuals would have to do it. And for it, a clear option is the use of thermostats, blinds and awnings. Without expensive facilities we will be able to improve the efficiency of our electrical system and will obtain that our houses are hotter in winter and fresher in summer.

One of the problems of the centralized heatings is that they force to maintain the same temperature to us in all the rooms of the house when perhaps is not necessary. Perhaps we want to not thus have 25 degrees in the room but in the kitchen. Using individual thermostats for each radiator (for example) we will reduce the consumption and we will have the temperature wished in each room. Thanks to the blinds and the awnings we will be able to isolate the house or the garden of the cold and/or the heat, following the day and of the time of the year. Perhaps there is people who think that the awnings are little than more decorative and whose use is limited the terraces of the cafeterias. But, on the contrary, its use in particular houses, mainly if they have garden or terrace is extremely useful. Placing double windows or acristalamientos also we will be able to reduce the invoice of the light in an important percentage. In the majority of the cases, also depending the number of windows that we must remodelar, the cost of the installation will not be elevated in excess, but in any case, it is certainly to long will compensate. We will see how month to month the enlarged invoice of the light (we do not forget more and more that expensive) is diminished with respect to which we paid before the reforms. It is without a doubt the best option from the point of view of the efficiency energetics, which will result (of positive way) in our pockets.

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