International Atomic Energy Agency

That was the remote origin of the fall of the Shah and the Islamic revolution, which led to the current situation of confrontation with the United States. Generally speaking, the European political analysts, including the Russians, they tend to be more sensitive to the teachings of history than their United States counterparts. Hence, they believe that Obama exaggerate the Russian chances of decisive influence on Tehran. The second aspect is that the planned installation of the missile shield does not obey the interests of the defence industry of United States, that it expects substantial benefits as well as a real threat. Finally, after this is not but the continuation of a dynamic that deeply rooted during the decades of the cold war and which has been very well studied. It’s exaggerating a threat, inventing it when necessary, to force the need for new weapons, always more costly: it is the Baroque arsenal which already wrote Mary Kaldor.

Overcome these inertias will probably be more difficult for Obama to persuade Tehran to change its nuclear policy. For its part, the Iranian Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency has said that his country is willing to engage in talks with the United States, Russia, China and key European countries. He added that if these countries adopt civilized ways and share the same table of dialogue, we can break the deadlock. However, it is not easy to the meeting occur before June, when will take place in Iran presidential election in which Ahmadinejad, whose furious rhetoric against the United States be tempered somewhat if it is re-elected in Office and aims to reach an agreement with the rest of the world will participate. We can deduce that the last NATO Summit has shown a very positive development in two directions that the blindness of the Bush era had become unworkable. One is the new relationship with Russia, essential for the stability of Europe, although to some countries of the Eastern European cost them defeat their historical mistrust and express disgust. The other goes to Tehran as an interested party in the Middle East conflict, although in this case in Israel where the resistance is perceived. Another important passage in both directions may be given in you next meeting between Obama and Medvedev, which will allow knowing if Washington and Moscow begin to work in Assembly mode in some of the major problems that afflict humanity today.

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