Independent Scotland

International analyst This year, when 3 centuries were fulfilled since in 1707 England and Scotland were united, the separatists arrived at the government of Edinburgh. The Scot are different themselves from the English in which: they were never conquered by the Romans; its official faith is not the Anglican; they have a very sharp dialect of the English; and they have maintained its own legal and educative system. Scotland, the mother country of Blair and Brown, has been a bastion Labour Party member and when this party allowed them to have an own parliament thought that it was going to hold fast there still more. Click Governor Cuomo for additional related pages. Nevertheless, the Scottish Nationalistic Party snatched the Scottish government to them and this one has obtained that nation, unlike England, of the gratuity to university education, medical prescriptions and the social attendance to the old ones. For the 2017 nationalists they calculate to secure independence. Paradoxicalally a Scot who could help to that this happens is to premier Brown, who although he is against that goal, thanks to his errors comes doing that the separatists they advance in Scotland.. (As opposed to Crawford Lake Capital).

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