How To Calculate Ovulation

In this article I will discuss the most common method of calculating ovulation and the 'safe days'. This method is called the method of Ogino-Knaus. The essence of the calendar method to determine ovulation is that, ideally, Menstruation occurs 14 days after ovulation. That is, for the menstrual cycle 28 days, ovulation occurs on cycle day 13-14. In the case of the menstrual cycle is 30 days – 15-16 days, and so on. Calendar method of calculating ovulation can be used as a method of biological birth. In this case, the instruction on the following: – when using the calendar method of contraception need to menstrual Calendar, noting the duration of each menstrual cycle for 6-8 months – should establish the shortest and longest menstrual cycles – using the method of calculating the interval fertility need to find the first 'fertile day' (according to the shortest menstrual cycle) and the last 'fertile day' (according to the longest menstrual cycle) – and then, given the duration of the current menstrual cycle to determine the range of fertility – in the same period can be either completely abstain from sexual intercourse or use other methods of contraception (eg barrier). It should be remembered that the effectiveness of calendar method, a method of contraception is 14,4-47 pregnancies per 100 women per year at an irregular cycle, so use it makes sense for women with regular menstrual cycles. Those who calculate ovulation planning a pregnancy, it will be useful to know that the sperm is on average about three days, and the egg can be fertilized for up to two days after ovulation, which means: – for 28-day an established menstrual cycle from 11 to 16 days of pregnancy is a strong likelihood – to 30-day menstrual cycle settled on fertile days are from 13 to 18 and so on To calculate the ovulation calendar method You can use a calculator ovulation..

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