Home Insurance And Coverage For Theft

Theft is a coverage that some home insurance offer as optional, so generally, to sign the policy, must be specified to hire this warranty. A policy without this option will not cover the losses when they Rob in the housing. There are two possibilities: make only the continent, the coverage of the policy will be less in cases of theft or attempted theft, since the insurance company will be responsible, in the best of cases, only the damage suffered by the structure of the dwelling (ceilings, walls, floors, etc) and will not pay any compensation for the goods that have been stolen. Also cover the content, which is the furniture and goods that are found inside House. If also ensures the content the company shall be liable for 100% of the goods that have been stolen. When hiring this coverage it has taken into account that is not the same a robbery than a theft or robbery, also called spoliation. Is considered theft when half the force on things for subtract some good; robbery or robbery when you were intimidated or force people; and theft when no force is involved. They are three concepts that may seem the same for what should distinguish them to know well the coverages and exclusions of the policy.

However, the home in cases of theft insurance also have exclusions. For example, when stolen or stolen objects were on a terrace, Garden, storage room or open even when they belong to the housing space. They also exclude the theft of money or jewels, although Yes the theft of other goods insured is covered. Addition, if by signing the policy declares that you there are security measures, as they can be alarms, and they are not active at the time of the theft, the company will refuse to be responsible for the accident. Finally, it is recalled that after a robbery, theft or spoliation is essential to lodge a complaint with the police. The company requires this document to cover the incident. If there is no complaint, the theft was uncovered.

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