Good Quality Champagne

How can one determine if a champagne is good quality or not? Bubbles, playing in your glass, should be small, and, ideally, be exactly the same in diameter. Just remember that paying attention to this should be one minute after filling the glass, when it temperature and the temperature of the drink equaled since the beginning, even in the best beverage bubbles large and jagged. Good champagne has a complex, rich and delicate bouquet, which may be present the smells of spices, dough, almonds, flowers, fruits, berries, cocoa, butter, bread crumbs, walnuts, licorice, vanilla, biscuit, honey, beeswax. There are shades of herbal smells – wood, leaves, pine needles, juniper, eucalyptus, heather, as well as – empirematicheskie odors, ie, the smells of roasted, baked, burnt. Smells of yeast and alcohol do not indicate a very good wine. Taste good champagne should be primarily balanced, ie none of the major components of wine (alcohol, sugar and acidity) should not prevail or be felt separately.

The refinement, harmony and fullness of taste – these are the main indicators of good champagne, as well as a long, pleasant aftertaste. As the sugar content champagne divided into 6 categories, corresponding to the label must be shown on the label. This could be extra-brut, or ultra-brut (less than 6 grams per liter); brut (less than 15 g / l); extra-sec, or extra-dry (12-20 g / l); sec, or dry (17-35 g / l); demi-sec, or semi-dry (33-55 g / l), doux, or sweet (over 50 g / l) . Pour champagne into a small and narrow (about 150 ml) glasses of thin, transparent glass or crystal, which prolong the process of evolution of gas, fill them in two to three quarter of the total. Champagne is universal, it allows for a variety of culinary combinations. If you are applying for an aperitif champagne, then as a snack, you can use cheese, small sofa or vol-au-vent with pate, clams or oysters, olives. Demi-sec champagne served with light dishes, poultry or fish, fruits or berries. With meringue dessert serve champagne. However, sparkling wine is so good in themselves, that if you a fan and proud owner of an excellent brut, then he and Serve as an aperitif and a digestif, and as a self-contained gem of the holiday table. According to the newspaper and Site

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