General Regimen

Arajo (2008) finishes saying that the purpose of the beginning of the isonomy is to deliver to the judgement of igualitria form to all the jurisdicionados ones, excusing when necessary different different treatment to the e, equal treatment, in the terms of the law, to the equal ones in conditions. 3.4.1 Relation between the previdencirio factor and the beginning of the isonomy the sprouting of the law n 9,876, of 26 of November of 1999, that it instituted the previdencirio factor compelled that many of its insurers in such a way continued working and contributing for the social welfare. Although the intention to make with that the workers were available to the market for a bigger time, and of this form to guarantee atuarial balance of the Providence, is not what it sees, since many retire exactly with the reduced wages, either for not to have more conditions to work, or simply because already they had fulfilled the requirements to acquire the retirement and opt to it, exactly with reduced revenues. In accordance with Arajo (2008, P. 32-33): The existing relation between the previdencirio factor and the beginning of the isonomy, is in the fact to that with application of the related factor people in isonomy of conditions they will be dealt with different form being born to the unconstitutionality of the substance, therefore Law N. 9,876/99 when instituting the previdencirio factor, is giving to differentiated treatments the accurately equal people, in total disagreement with the Brazilian constitution. Therefore if a person starts to contribute for the General Regimen of the Social welfare? RGPS, before another one, being the only difference the age, for consequncia its supervened expectation of will diminish the benefit of the person who started to contribute with lesser age. Ahead of the displayed one, Gonalves (2000: P. 60) places that ' ' it is visualized initially that those will have to be benefited of if retiring later, and losing the ones that if to retire cedo&#039 more; '.

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