The difference meets in the comment of such act. During sleep REM a variation in the Independent Nervous System is observed, the breath and the cardiac rhythm is irregular and faster, the arterial pressure is higher and has an increase in the hormone production supplies-renais. Inside of sleep REM, in the boys and the girls the erection occurs. Such research is measured through a study made in called laboratory eletroencefalograma, in which it measures the cerebral waves. In sleep REM it has four periods of training, where each one is characterized by a standard of cerebral waves. The first one is called light sleep, with duration of some minutes and is the beginning of sleep, the individual in this period of training can, depending on the individual, can give beginning to the dreams; already as the called period of training of intermediate sleep, where it has a bigger relaxation, can occur sensorial experiences, hallucinations, example of this is when we have the sensation of that we are falling; the period of training of deep sleep, thus called third, is characterized by becoming the individual insensitive to the sounds and already it offers resistance when waking up. The room and I finish period of training called deeper sleep, has one ' ' total entrega' ' , a total relaxation, in what it says respect to the individual; it is the deepest disconnection of the exterior world, in this phase can have irregularities as the sonambulismo. The dream also is called onrico, such content is basic for the psychoanalysis, therefore it is through it that great part of the interpretation of &#039 is fact; ' conflito' ' that the patient brings for the therapy. Through the discovery of Freud, of that the dreams have basic contents for analysis of a patient, we take off for concluding of that, is through the same that we can enjoy for our true pleasures, running away from a society that censorship and said character rules, as much and behavior, is in it and through it that we can in fact live deeply what we would really like to live.

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