Free Comparison Calculator

Novices start with special features for brokers consumers use it long time ago, now, more than 6,000 people use the free online calculator on daily. But even among brokers, they enjoy great popularity. The new professional tool dbpro is aimed at this target group: it is now available under as a free Web service available. DBPro is based on the insurance comparison calculators on and offers special features for customer support. Full performance with modern design on Tablet & co most comparison tools for agencies looking at, that they now include the old iron.

In the customer contact, this leads increasingly to the bizarre situation that the laity has put more modern tools the comparison calculators of than the pros. Dbpro therefore relies on State of the art interface standards: the Web service looks thanks to responsive design on Tablet and laptop as well as on the desktop PC and offers the full range of functions across all devices. Also estate agents would like to modern tools with good Use user interface. Our free professional tool dbpro provides similar functionality as other programs, but also herzeigbar in contrast. The intermediary may insert dbpro therefore also in the consultation and together with customers to select the optimal product. So the consultation is more efficient and high-quality”explained Reinhold Baudisch, Managing Director of “Free professional features: compare, apply for, manage after within a very short time has established itself as the leading price comparison portal in the private sector, aimed specifically at brokers and broker of insurance we want to become the leading platform of the comparison in the professional field”, confirms Baudisch.

About dbpro special features for professionals: individual discounts can be stored in the system and manages broker numbers. Once a supplier is determined together with the customer by comparison, the necessary proposals for submission to the insurance can be created automatically. For subsequent customer meetings, the comparisons can be easily stored and are constantly available. “Apart from the functions and the modern user interface by dbpro also the price is a strong argument: while paying brokers for similar programs $70 and more per month, dbpro free and will remain there”, as Babu. is the largest independent online price comparison portal in Austria. currently operates 17 tariff comparisons for insurance, electricity and gas, as well as traditional financial products such as upto -, and interest rates on savings. Households save annually by a provider change in these areas up to 1,000 euros. Partner of are the Chamber of labour of Upper Austria, the ARBo and Global 2000. With the easy to use comparison computers consumers can crawl the confusing themselves anonymously and free of charge and so easily from the offers those with the best Choose the price / performance ratio. If necessary, offers free advice and support when switching to a cheaper provider. Currently it employs 20 start-up based in Vienna.

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