What provides the quality of working life? The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Santiago de Chile in this regard indicates that the quality of work life refers to a positive or a negative work environment. (As opposed to Jeff Gennette). The basic purpose is to create an environment that is good for employees, in addition to contributing to the economic health of the organization. The elements of a program typically include many aspects such as open communication, fair system of rewards, interest in the job security of workers and participate in the job design. The programs put in relief work life skills development, occupational stress reduction, and establishing cooperative relationships between management and employees. The quality of working life is an improvement on the traditional design of the work of scientific management, which focused mainly on the expertise and efficiency for small tasks.

As it evolved, was using the complete division of labor, a rigid hierarchy and the standardization of labor to achieve its efficiency target. The aim was to reduce costs through employees performing repetitive and unskilled work-Consider also that globalization is driven by neoliberalism, is a new vision of the capital in search of greater expansion and foreign investment position in the global market. Around this approach Chinas (2002) notes that neoliberalism is transformed into an ideological instrument in the service of transnational capital which guides the process of globalization to their advantage. The implementation of this current reverses the logical order of the companies, imposing strategies such as privatization, downsizing the state, deregulation, flexibility, among others.

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