Employee Problems

The employer is in the middle of the wheel operation which removes any possibility of having a perspective on the progress of the company other than that may have any of its partners. The strategic vision and long-term and analysis could be done from a position external to the daily vertigo is totally impossible. Or confused economics with financial and cash to the problems (which become common currency) is often favor the view of the flow of funds on profitability (but not consciously). Within the employer's mindset seems that there is a clear recognition of the economic consequences of certain decisions until they appear magically in the results table. Rarely is fully aware of the impact, for example, additional freight charges as the result of poor production planning or logistics shipped only products without evaluating the best options and conditions.

o It is preferable to the urgency of what's important. Never has the time needed to perform the analysis and rethinking the company requires that the operator is always too busy. Thus, the problems and mistakes are repeated over and over again with the costs and expenses which implies that, to complete the picture, nor are analyzed for their rationale. o It always used to voluntarism as a means of solving any problem. It would seem that any difficulties can be resolved only with more hours of work, more employees with longer working hours, etc. But not, it is not always possible to compete with increases in the number of employees when our competitors are investing in new technologies.

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