Electronics Business

The firm "Prom" held special maintenance work and upgrading of management systems and asphalt cement plants. Many design firms have been tested and installed at appropriate plants of the republic of Tatarstan. One of the novelties is a slot-type sensor CWS, designed for use in the construction industry. The switch is designed for end-sealed electrical switching DC control or DC in the automation of manufacturing processes. Feature of this sensor is that it requires no special power supply and maintenance-free. Position "flag" does not require any adjustment.

In addition, the CWS may issue two types of signals: direct or inverse. The sensor is convenient and easy to use. It agrees well with the existing equipment. Control is a metal plate magnitoprovodyaschaya, which is not mechanically connected to the switch. Operation of the sensor is possible at ambient temperatures from – 40 to 80 C. He works with a voltage not exceeding 220V, current 0.

3 A. When this is its switching capacity does not exceed 30 watts. The switch has sealed the final degree of protection IP 65. In addition, many customers like the compact dimensions of 74 x 64, 5 X 42 mm. Mass switch is 0, 24 kg, and the length of the cable itself – 0, 5 m. In the development of the limit switch of this type were taken into account many of the main disadvantages of other sensors of this type: Risk factors operating conditions (dirt, moisture, precipitation) Accuracy settings. The switch end sealed type VCG can work in conditions of strong pollution. Setting accuracy is not needed because of the improved width groove.

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