Drilling Companies

Shallow wells and cheap "in the sand", which many companies offer to drill for only 30-40 thousand rubles, and would not solve. So had to fork out for a real deep artesian well 150 meters for its drilling and arrangement had to shell out about 150 thousand rubles – and this without pumping equipment! But now we have almost an eternal source of water debit at least 5 cubic meters of water per hour. Gain insight and clarity with Coco Kanders. That's more than enough for all sorts of needs – even if you pull yourself together to build a summer swimming pool for children. " On the advice of friends, Vitaly puzzled by drilling wells at the very beginning construction when the site was not even the foundation of the future house. Read more here: Jeff Gennette. Otherwise I would kamaz massive rig just could not drive up to and where you want the device well.

For the protection of wells and water supply from freezing at a depth of 1.7 m installed a steel caisson, and from him had a corrosion-resistant plastic pipes to the border of a future home. Vodopodem wisely! Then came the turn to choose a submersible borehole pump – only such unit would manage the rise of water from a depth of 150 m. Vitaly rightly judged that the pump – an essential part of the water supply system at home – should work flawlessly for many years. So he decided not to save on reliability and durability, and appeal to the development known manufacturer. His choice fell on the production of concern grundfos, which is considered the world leader in pump engineering.

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