Documentation and Business

Working with documents – a mandatory component of any business person. Reports, contracts, proposals, estimates suggest moving from a job in the office of the chief, business partners, etc. And if within the same building documents can be transferred to the hands, then a trip to another office or mission require a reliable "store" for the securities, excluding damage or accidental viewing by unauthorized persons. Placing documents in a special pocket portfolio – not the best solution. Sooner or later they will need to provide a "second" side and a stack of different-sized paper, set to the table, will not be accepted seriously.

Even if your costume will be perfect, but the business offers a very favorable, the lack of necessary accessory smazhetsya all impression of the meeting and may not bring the results that you expect. Indeed, in many respects on how one conducts business is judged by its ability to pay attention to detail. What do you need in order to avoid such a situation? The solution is simple: take care not only about his own clothes, but also about the "clothing" to documents – folder. These accessories for business people fall into several categories. Among them, the address directory, models, fastened with a zipper, a model with a valve handle and a folder-folder portfeli.Adresnye Address folders are used when need to apply for a signature or approval. These products are made of cardboard coated with PVC film, sometimes – leatherette or genuine leather. Address folders usually do not have fasteners, but in order to documents do not fall out, provided some internal pockets for their fiksatsii.Papki the valve with a valve Folders are used to move a set of papers within the building and are often made of plastic. Model of skin or kozhzama already look different – more spectacular, more solid, in which documents can "move" out of the building into the building without fear of any of the summer sun or winter morozov.Papki with pens and folders, portfolios of business people whose work involves frequent patrols of the city, convenient to use a folder or a folder with a pen-portfolio.

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