Dieter Baedorff

The seminarians are tuned through a physiotherapeutic lecture, held by Oliver afternoon they can equate to learned Dept. in action at an individually tailored training in the gym. Training head is no Less than Joey Kelly, Member of the famous Kelly family and now recognized as a prominent extreme athletes and iron man .Joey Kelly, who currently helps Germany’s most famous ball belly carrier with Rainer Calmund advice and the weight loss, will each lifestyle participants take the sporting breast.This is without doubt a very special highlight, certainly is Nicole Hollmann.When one has the chance to interact with as a known extreme sports athlete and to harness it as a personal training manager ever. Day 3: Communicate better = better 3 sale day leads back the participants at the seminar tables: communication and discussion techniques are trained intensively. For coach Dieter Baedorff of course pronounced parade disciplines are: good communication is the mother of all economic success and the catalyst of the sales cycle, which is composed of scheduling, sales, recommendation and self-organization.

Who well communicate could, Dieter Baedorff further explains other could convince more easily and better sell itself and its range. And last but not least he could work around also relaxed with yourself and others. All, Dieter Baedorff summarizes, are factors that stifle any stress in the bud and ensure a good feeling in all walks of life. Feeling is also in the afternoon with part of the game of a game of golf, to be exact. “This sport is not to be underestimated, emphasises Dieter Baedorff. The interplay of relaxation, movement and concentration and rapidly ensures a harmonious balance of mind, body and soul.

Day 4: rather than lack of time on the last day of the participants in the secrets of the perfect time management and the optimal organization introduces time management. Time management rather than lack of time that’s exactly my profession,”explains Nicole Hollmann. “I advise already now many of my clients individually on-site at their workplace: How do I make my daily routine better? How do I face a welter of tasks not to get bogged down me? Every day for me to answer these and other questions and I’ll let this enormous expertise in life-art incorporated. Lifestyle helps the participants to help themselves and to find their own individual way of the burn-out zone. There are still a few places for the kick-off seminar free. V.i.S.d.P.

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