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You've just created the site, register it with search engines, directories, ratings. There were the first visitors. The question arises. What's next? Today I will tell you about the seven key points that will keep Visitors on your website. As you know, the main indicator of the site is its user visits. Not just surfers who are constantly wandering in search of information in the network, but also target user who is looking for useful information.

For you it is a visitor becomes a principal. And you need to expend some effort to such a user has become a regular visitor to your site. On What you will need to sharpen their focus. 1. Filling of your site (site content) Each site contains content network. For you, as important content aimed at a specific interest (issue theme). First, for search engines such information will be relevant, and you have made the preliminary optimization of the site can be on the front pages of major search engines.

Secondly, if the content on the site a lot, there is a high probability that the user goes again, because he can not see all the contents of the site at once. If then, the content is small, but it is still regularly updated, user can also enter once more, as He sees that the site is alive and kicking. 2. Website usability. Ease of navigation and search your site should primarily aimed at visitors and users, and thus should be thought in terms of navigation and information retrieval.

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