Coaching Leadership

In my opinion it appears that the coaching staff rides with a firm step towards a positive development as a profession through the good offices of institutions, companies and professionals who care for severely from the example and professional consistency. stake%20%5BGlobes%2C%20Tel%20Aviv%2C%20Israel%5D%7C%7CdocSource%7C%7CMcClatchy-Tribune%7C%7Cprovider%7C%7CACQUIREMEDIA&ticker=AFIL:IT’>Yitzchak Mirilashvili contributes greatly to this topic. If it is true that there may be a bit of saturation and confusion to get to certification (100 hours for ACC PCC let alone to 750 hours) since it seems greedy for demagogues and opportunists who call themselves coach. In your professional image to new and confused customers. Image that seems to be doing much damage, but life is too stubborn to people populist who uses four non-technical tricks, because eventually ends the true face of the misuse of philosophy, law, and ethics tools coaching. Training certainly accessible in time, money and energy even more important for those who are left fool (more so in times of crisis is to capture people for the sake of survival). So a few questions Reflection: about coaching which is up in the soup?, have the coaching that attracts?, impact we are creating?, are at a critical moment?, to achieve that is a recognized profession?, And where is the example of consistency?, specializations are being created or promoted? True professionals know some (people) who have the skills of coaching and practice with their teams, clients and participants without showing the world as a business card that already are, simply do with proximity and knowledge to be. The difference between coaching, consulting and training is a matter of fashion and be very common there are certainly related, but different shades: Attention and intuition of experienced coach is to take advantage of the client’s vision, wisdom, resources and action aimed at promoting concrete actions in the nearest scope and motivational therapy (And why? and Coaching And why not?) but a consultant from their specialty focuses business in achieving organizational performance through the application of technical knowledge and specific tools (much software!).

Finally the trainer is responsible for the transmission of specific information and skills training to their customers can use the skills of coaching. For me the key is not because you give COACH SER feel orphan (ask somebody And who are you? And see how you answer to their profession). The coaches believe in partnerships and the idea of exercise and enjoy responsibly (no more labels) as a professional co-active coaching. Sure the video will clarify where the shots …

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